Wrebook will be presented at the Turin Book Salon 2024

Wrebook will be presented at the Turin Book Salon from 9th to 13th May 2024. It’s the first technology to integrate paper and electronic books, redesigning them differently, thanks to a patent and innovative software that harmonises and enhances paper and electronic books, making them complement each other. The book is new! We look forward to seeing you in Turin, stand H126 Pavilion 2


Our  Wrebooks

Read, Write, Annote, Share, Publish

what is Wrebook

“Wrebook is much more than just an e-reader or an online bookstore.
It represents a technology suite and service platform that revolutionizes how we handle both print and electronic books.

We innovates the roles of publishers and authors, providing numerous benefits for all types of readers. The landscape of reading, and publishing has changed!”

behind Wrebook

“Wrebook represents a new publishing paradigm.
Books have revolutionized themselves!

Our solution defines and sets a new milestone in the history of books and ebooks.
Wrebook is built on unique technology, combining the integration of innovative proprietary software with an industrial patent.”

why Wrebook

“Wrebook offers a unique ebook reader with all the typical functions found on many platforms, eliminating the need for separate devices or app downloads.

Moreover, it goes beyond conventional ebook functionality by serving as both a reader and a generator. This introduces a revolutionary format of digital and paper books.”

for readeader to become “wreaders”

for authors, innovators and creatives

to study, better and anywhere

for publishers growing up

Wrebook represents an innovative milestone in the field of publishing.
It enables the publication of books, both in physical and digital formats,
in an unprecedented manner.

Its books, whether physical or digital, can interact with each other and with a wide range of digital content thanks to the innovative and patented technology it offers.

Whether it’s a traditional book or an ebook, users can take notes, share them, and retrieve them interchangeably using both physical books and ebooks: this is the essence of Wrebook!

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