Read, Write, Annote, Share, Publish…

What is Wrebook

Wrebook transcends mere e-reader software for your computer.
It’s a game-changer in the realm of both paper and electronic books, redefining how they’re created, distributed, and engaged with. This innovative platform revolutionizes the roles of publishers, authors, and readers by establishing itself as the premier social network for books.

With Wrebook, you not only read text across your devices but also have the ability to take textual or multimedia notes and share them with fellow readers, sparking real conversations about specific aspects of the text.
Likewise, authors can enhance their works with notes and multimedia elements, transforming their books into living entities and fostering genuine ongoing connections with their audience.

Publishers can seize new and lucrative opportunities by tapping into previously unexplored markets.
Wrebook presents an exceptional chance for publishers to operate on an independent, self-sustaining platform where they can publish titles and provide an integrated, dynamic, and tailored reading experience.

Wrebook technology

Wrebook is pioneering the creation of the inaugural social network for books, leveraging a distinctive technology resulting from the fusion of a proprietary and innovative registered software with an industrial patent. This technology enables precise identification of each word within the text, assigning it a unique, groundbreaking, and safeguarded coordinate. Consequently, users can exchange comments and materials even on individual words.

Wrebook is accessible on all devices, taking the form of a web app, particularly a progressive web app, adhering to industry standards. It seamlessly adapts to various platforms and screen sizes, delivering an immersive experience across every screen and operating system.

Why Wrebook?

Wrebook functions as both an e-reader and an ecosystem, akin to Kindle, Books, and others, but with expanded capabilities.
For instance, it enables you to not only take personal notes but also to share them publicly, initiating productive discussions. You can even tag another reader in your notes to alert them. Moreover, authors can interact with their own text, bringing it to life. This aspect makes Wrebook particularly suitable for collaborative reading environments such as schools, universities, training centers, and public or private academies.
All of this is facilitated by Wrebook’s universal note system and its diverse ecosystem encompassing “url,” “urn,” “qurn” – bridging the realms of paper, digital, and emotional engagement!

Beyond digital ... we love books and sheets of paper!

All of this is achievable, and will be achievable, thanks to Wrebook’s technology and its forthcoming digital ecosystem (the “Wrebooks,” the “Wrebook  Index System,” the new “wreNote”…) which will soon establish the new editorial benchmarks.

VERSIONE ITALIANA is coming soon