Contemporary Art Exhibition – The Power of Now at Palazzo Venezia Naples: A Meeting of Innovation and Creativity

From June 6 to 12, 2024, Palazzo Venezia in Naples will be the setting for an extraordinary contemporary art exhibition entitled “The Power of Now.” This unique event promises to explore the connections between art, innovation and technology, bringing some of the brightest minds and most revolutionary ideas of our time into the spotlight.

The Spicco Event: “Corporate Art, New Paradigms Art and Enterprise”

One of the most anticipated events of the exhibition will be held on Monday, June 10, from 6:00 to 6:40 p.m. The event, titled “Corporate Art, New Paradigms Art and Business,” will feature distinguished figures discussing the intersection of art and business. Speakers will include:


  • Valeria Fascione, Campania Regional Councillor for Innovation.
  • Arvedo Arvedi, Author of the book “Corporate Art” and Corporate Artist of Commodore
  • Marzio Lolli Ghetti, Creator of the Wrebook Platform
  • Vincenzo Naclerio, inventor who collaborated on the Wrebook project

The Wrebook Revolution

During this event, the new Wrebook technology, a real revolution in publishing, will be presented. Wrebook represents an innovative milestone that enables the publication of books, in both physical and digital formats, in an unprecedented way. This patented technology enables physical and digital books to interact with each other and with a wide range of digital content.

Wrebook is not just a step forward in publishing, but a total transformation of the reading experience. Users can take notes, share them, and retrieve them interchangeably, using both physical books and ebooks. This allows a fluidity and connection between formats that was previously unthinkable, realizing the very essence of Wrebook: a harmonious integration of tradition and innovation.

A Special Appointment

“The Power of Now” is not just an exhibition, but a journey through the new frontiers of art and innovation. The June 10 meeting on “Corporate Art, New Paradigms Art and Enterprise” will offer an in-depth look at how art can integrate into the corporate world, stimulating creativity and innovation within businesses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this unique experience, where contemporary art meets technological innovation in one of Naples’ most fascinating locations. Mark the dates and get ready to explore “The Power of Now” at Palazzo Venezia.

We are waiting for you to discover the future of art and technology together!

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