Wrebook: Empowering Readers to Become ‘Wreaders’


Have you ever thought about annotating a book? We’re not talking about school books, which we’ve all scribbled over in various ways, some messily, some with a precision almost akin to writing a book within the book.


How many times have you wished you could write a note in a paper book, perhaps wanting to refer to another book, or a website, or better yet, a video… or maybe wanting to annotate your own text… and you didn’t. You didn’t want to ruin your book or you simply couldn’t.


Now, with Wrebook, you can.

You’ll be able to read the notes you add to a digital book, thanks to the transformation that Wrebook brings to ebook, turning them into genuine Writable EBook (writable ebook) and allowing access to the notes you save or that the author or publisher wanted to share with you, even in the paper book.
Wrebook facilitates dialogue between the paper book and the electronic book in a unique and original way, thanks to innovative software and a patented technology.


Have you ever thought about adding your photo to a book you’re reading, or a video, or a link?


Now, with Wrebook, you can.

You can annotate your digital book and retrieve your notes in the paper book, link different pages of the digital book together, connect the book to websites, videos, links, social channels, and especially to other Wrebooks.


Our technology is in its infancy; soon you’ll even be able to annotate the paper book with your mobile phone and send notes to other readers with dedicated content, like in a Reading Social Network.


Step into the world of Wrebook, and if you’re an investor and want to participate in this revolution,
contact us.