Wrebook for authors and self-publishers


“The solutions provided by Wrebook technology enable the creation of a range of services for authors that offer considerable advantages over traditional publishing.

Authors looking to publish a book using Wrebook’s ‘Self Publisher’ services can:

– Create a system of links with notes for their book that they can directly share on their social channels. The URLs for sharing these notes, known as ‘qurns’ by Wrebook, are web addresses that, when accessed by readers on social media or on the news area of Wrebook or the author’s website, allow direct access to the desired reading point of the book, and if the e-book is not owned, direct to the author’s book sales page.

– Receive digital support for their promotion, with Wrebook’s staff able to create websites, apps, and integrated ecommerce systems with the Wrebook platform. Authors can coordinate their image and benefit from services to better sell their book.

– Have periodic access to purchase data for their books, both physical and electronic, without having to request information from the publisher or distributor, maintaining control of their book and staying informed about sales.

– Integrate reader-suggested annotations into the deepening notes of their book, creating a genuine interaction between themselves and their readers.

Additionally, readers who have purchased the physical book can access digital enhancements by later purchasing services offered by Wrebook. To activate these services and access the digital book, simply scan a QR Code on the pages of the physical book and activate the digital copy with expanded content from the book.

Editing new versions of the book will be easier and faster, with significantly reduced market entry times for the new product derived from the first edition, and buyers of the first edition will be promptly informed of the new edition.

These are just some of the advantages that Wrebook offers authors, whether they are self-publishers or traditional authors looking for an innovative and convenient Publisher!”