Corporate Art (English Edition)


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Can one invest in art to enhance a company’s brand?

Corporate artist Arvedo Arvedi gives evidence in this book of how the art system is part of the larger international economic system and how it can help generate wealth. Corporate art’s potential is explosive to enhance a product or service, and leave an indelible mark on a corporate celebratory event.Globalization and digitization have broken down all geographic boundaries, exposing business to increased competition.

Corporate Art, a powerful marketing and communication tool, makes all the difference.
Through art, one communicates with creative intelligence that, in the loom of culture, weaves the warp weaving the beauty of a business. Investing in art enhances the perception of brand validity and optimizes a company’s positioning.
Arvedo Arvedi makes art by engaging an international audience. Wonderful art because of the deep and intense nature of this great painter of color, so singular for the material and archetypal technique he brings to bear.
With his works of refined communication, our corporate artist looks at the image of the entire company, presenting it as a center of creativity, of transformation, of continuous generation of the new, concretely reinforcing the commitment to support the social and identity value, as well as the economic value, of doing business.


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